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  • Green Dream

    Healthy and honest Belgian chocolate

    A dreamy heaven of healthy and honest chocolate, bursting with taste and energy, as a gift of nature.

    You’ll float on a cloud of funky shapes and trendy packaging, all bursting with selected fruit and rich in vitamins and minerals.

    Each fruit has its own narrative and all are certified organic andpicked in their natural environment at their finest and purest.

    The chocolate itself is made and packed using state-of-the-art techniques. All ingredients are carefully selected.

    In harmony with and respecting humanity and nature: In addition to beingcertified as organic, Green Dream chocolates are also  Fairtrade certified, whereby the farmer receives a better price for the ingredients we take from him.

    No chemical or synthetic ingredients that may be found in the factory.

  • Processed Organic Products, what are?

    Processed organic products, is subject to tight controlling rules, both with regard to organic raw materials to be used, which must be certified by  an independent Certification Body, as well as the transforming process itself, which  must be subject to the same kind of certification.

  • Pressade, passion fruit...

    Choosing the best fruits

    To preserve all the benefits, the flavors of fruit juice and provide quality, Pressade selects fruit with the greatest care.

    The quality of the juices depends on that its raw material: over all areas of crops, so, experts seeking pick fresh fruit, healthy and ripe.

    The processing of Pressade  juices isgiven particularattention, to preserve all the qualities of the fruit.

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