Green Dream

    Green Dream | is a refined assortment of 13 tablets, 5 different bars and 3 boxes of delights.

    Carefully selected fruit blended with organic and Fair Trade chocolate

    We've opted for Fair-trade ingredients, because it's our conviction that farmers in the Southern Hemisphere ought to receive an honest price for the hard work they put in.

    Taking that option means that we help those farmers to make a sustainable improvement in their living conditions.


    Our story is very simple as beautiful

    Our dream is to make a chocolate which is:


    - Healthy

    We only use 100% organic ingredients. The fruit and nuts have a lot of minerals and vitamins, and the chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants


    - Great From Taste

    We use premium dark and milk chocolate with real pieces of fruits and nuts


    - Honest

    An honest chocolate, pure in its values


    - Simple, and Funny

    We mix pieces of fruit and nuts into chocolate. Lovely taste combinations, in a funny packaging

    We produce our dream with passion and with our heart.

    We have a dream in which we try to do the things right.

    We take our responsibility to produce a chocolate which has a positive impact on society and environment. We want to create a wonderful world around us.

    Eat natural: all the ingredients we use are made by nature.

    Organic: all our ingredients are organic, our basic requirement.

    Healthy:all ingredients have positive effect on health: pure chocolate, pure fruits and pure     nuts.

    Sustainable packaging: the film is 100% earth friendly and the carton is 100% recyclable

    Fun:an easy take away to put in your pocket, in a nice portion to nibble

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