In the poetry scene of the Altmühl Valley Natural Park, between Regensburg and Nuremberg is situated the RIEDENBURGER’s Brewery.

    The Riedenburger organic beers are produced according to the typical traditions of the Bavarian province, place where its production is installed. The brand philosophy has always been, and remains to be , to combine raw materials from organic farming and pure spring water, essential factor for maintaining and following the law of Bavarian tradition in brewing  and, at the same time, ensuring a healthy pleasure of drinking a beer with character .

    The Art of Brewing:

    Riedenburger follows the tradition of his ancestors in the production of beer, but also makes use of modern technology, always committed to the principles of brewing in organic way. 


    Our method of traditional and conservative fermentation, without filtration, retains all the natural flavor of real beer. Elements such as proteins and minerals remain in the beer resulting in better digestion and purer taste.

    The use of ancient grains, such as Emmer (Triticum dicoccum), Einkorn (Trititum monococum) and Spelt (Triticum spelta), rich in protein , has a major contribution in improving  beer Riedenburger’s taste.

    As a result we find antioxidants (xanthohumol), in Riedenburger's beer which improves the stability and longevity of the beer. These antioxidants are also important in supporting our immune system.

Some Brand Products
  •   Cervejas Biológicas

    Organic Riedenburger Beer - EMMERBIER, 0.5L

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  •   Cervejas Biológicas

    Organic Wheat Beer Riedenburger - HELL, 0.50L

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