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    This is your opportunity to get carried away by the senses and get into the fascinating world of chocolate.
    The organic chocolate “Vivani” is a pure sensual pleasure. It is a premium quality chocolate that melts in the mouth, made from the most improved traditional recipes.
    All ingredients are carefully selected, 100% organic, and from certified suppliers.

    Vivani Organic Chocolate
    The best delight for chocolate lovers!

    What is important for us?
    Although we invest in our consistent level of chocolate's quality, our main concern is to invest in health and good agricultural practices in countries from where our raw materials come.
    By using cereals from developing countries, we help to promote small-scale farms as well as the environmental protection from pesticides and other chemicals.
    The high price we pay by organically produced cocoa and raw cane sugar, results in a better life’s quality for producers in their countries.

    • All products are fully certified from organic origin.
    • The cocoa´s variety is from the best quality and is used in an optimal ratio blends.
    • All other ingredients are also of great quality. The vanilla we use is the true Bourbon vanilla, for example,
    • Genetically modified ingredients are not used

Some Brand Products
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    Organic Dark Chocolate with Orange Flavour, 100g

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